2015 club hill climb

Hounslow & Dist. Whs C.C. Hill Climb Oct.26 2015
Corrected / Revised result of Club Hill Climb
(with apologies to all who rode,but we have since realised
our error with Neil B's time and have now corrected it)
1. Nic. Stagg 1m. 53.16s.
2. Neil Blundell 1m.56.48s.
3. Charly Parker 1m.58.14s.
4. Stuart Hewlins 2m.00.92s.
5. Paul Holdsworth 2m.02.38s.
6. Andrew Caldwell 2m.06.71s.
7. Trevor Day 2m15.53s.
8. Brent Skinner 2m18.69s.
9. Luke Carter 2m26.01s.
10. Nigel Forward 2m.31.57s.
11. Dave Howe 2m.33.37s.
12 Rob Jones 2m.57.51s.
13. Linda Williams 3m.00.21s.
14. Kevin MacConville 3m05.56s.
Other Riders
Jamie Rich./Paige 1m.39.40s.
Martin Winter 2m05.50s.
Angela Abbott 2m.22.94s.
Gillian Scott 3m.17.18s.
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