Club Rules



( These General Rules, Racing & Record Rules & Regulations and Club Event Awards

where revised at the Annual General Meeting of January 2015 )


General  Rules




That   the club shall be called the HOUNSLOW AND DISTRICT WHEELERS and shall be   affiliated to Cycling Time Trials, British Cycling and such bodies as the   Club may from time to time determine at the Annual General Meeting.

2.  There   are three Categories for Subscriptions as follows:- Category A 1st Claim Seniors,   Category B Juniors (under 18), Senior Citizens (65 and over) Full Time   Students and 2nd Claim Members, Category C Social Members. All subscriptions shall bedecided at the Annual General Meeting and will be   displayed in the Club Magazine and on the Club Web Site.Members   accepted between 1st July and 30th September shall pay half the rate for   their first subscription. Members accepted after the 30th September shall have the privilege of   membership up to the December of the following year. All first and second   claim members shall affiliate to   the BC, CTC or similar body for the purposes of Third Party Insurance, CTT   insurance only operates when   riding a time trial. 

3.  The   management of the club shall be in the hands of the committee, consisting of   all club officials, two committee members to be elected annually and whenever   possible one to be a Junior. The   Committee shall meet once a month, or as required, for the transaction of the   Club’s business, six to form a quorum. Delegates to the affiliated bodies to   be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

4.  Application for membership shall be on the Club’s   prescribed form obtainable from the Club Secretary or from the Club WebSite. When completed return   the form to the Club Secretary for ratification at the next committee   meeting. 

5.  Any   member not paying their subscription by the 1st April and having been duly   applied to for the same by the Treasurer, the committee is empowered to erase   the names of such members from the Club register.

6.  A   member may apply for Life Membership after fifteen years Senior Membership at   ten times the current rate of subscription.

7.  The   Committee shall have the power to expel any member from the Club for   dishonourable conduct. 

That   the Annual General Meeting shall be held in January, at which a Statement of   Account be presented and the President, Vice-Presidents, Chairperson and   Officers be elected, President, Vice Presidents and current officers names   shall be included on the AGM   agenda. Notice of the Meeting is to be given by 10th of December. Items for the   agenda and nominations for additional Vice-Presidents to reach the Club   Secretary not less than 21 days before the date of such meeting. Election of   additional Vice-Presidents to be determined by two-thirds majority for each   nomination. Nominations for Honorary Membership to be approved by the AGM.   The Treasurer shall furnish a Balance Sheet to be sent out with the AGM   notice. The Financial Year shall end on the 31st October. 

9.  An   Extraordinary Meeting may be called by the committee, or by any member who   must be supported by at least six other members, the said member to give at   least fourteen days to the Club Secretary prior to such meeting. 

10.  First   claim and Social members only shall be entitled to vote. Second Claim and   Honorary members may attend and speak at General Meetings 

11.  Retiring   and serving officers shall, at the discretion of the committee, be offered   Vice-Presidencies upon completion of seven years, in appreciation of such   service.

12.  The   Treasurer shall present a Financial Statement at the monthly committee meeting.

13.  That   these rules shall not be rescinded or in any way altered or added to without   the consent of a least two-thirds majority of the Annual General Meeting or   Extraordinary General Meeting called for this purpose.

14.   That   the committee shall have the power to make bye-laws and deal with disputed   points not directly provided for in these rules.


15.  Two   Auditors shall be elected annually and shall not be members of the committee.



 Racing  &  Record  Rules  &  Regulations  and  Club Event  Awards



All events will, where applicable, be covered by Cycling   Time Trials and British Cycling Rules and Regulations, with which competitors   must comply. Where ‘his’ is shown   it shall apply to both genders.

2.  Only first claim members are eligible for awards except for   club events where second claim members may count.

3.  The Time Trial Titles and Trophies shall be awarded to   those members returning the fastest average speed   in mph  (CTT system)   in recognised Open and Association events or in any duly authenticated rides   on Club Courses (details of these rides are require for conformation, see   claim form from the Race Secretary or from the Club Web Site). Where   no gender is indicated it is an   Open Championship, The Championships shall be on the following basis:

Seniors over 25, 50, 100 miles and 12 hours

Ladies over 10, 25 and 50 miles

Juniors over 2 X 25 miles and 2 x 10 miles

Juveniles over 2 X 10 miles and 1 X 25 miles

Veterans (40 years and over) BAR will the rider with   greatest aggregated plus or smallest minus, based on the VTTA Standard Times   and fixed distance introduced in January 2012 and revised January 2013; 10   miles multiplied by 2.5, 25 miles fixed, 50 miles divided by 2, and 100 miles   divided by 4.

The runner-up in the in the Senior Championship shall be   awarded a special medal

Club Events Championship awarded to the rider averaging   the fastest speed in mph (CTT system) over two rides in Club 25 mile events   (including the Inter-Club) and five rides in the evening 10 mile events.

The fastest Female shall be awarded a special medal.

4.  A special award will be made to any Club Veteran who succeeds in beating 1 hour for 25 miles and   or 2 hours for 50 miles for the first time ever.

5.  Club Records by members 40 years of age or over shall be   recognised in time trials of 10, 15, female only, 25, 30, 50, 100 miles 12   and 24 hours and shall be known as Veterans’ Records. Both actual and   greatest plus rides (based on VTTA standards introduced January 2012, revised   January 2013 at each distance to be recognised. That separate Club Records be   recognised for male and female veterans.

6.  Each season a medal will be presented to the fastest rider in each of   the following categories Senior, Female, Junior, Juvenile,  veterans   both fastest and greatest plus on standard, Fastest Non Club Member achieved   in the evening 10 mile events.

7.  A special award shall be made to any first claim member   who succeeds in breaking a National or Club Record in a Time Trial or Road Record   Attempt. In the event of a Club Record being broken more than once, on the   same day, all rides shall be recognised. Club Records may only be claimed by   a First Claim Member in categories as defined by Racing Rule 12 and by their   separate headings. Club Records will be recognised at all the agreed Time   Trial Distances and Times, for Bicycles, Tricycles, Tandems for all male, all   female and mixed crews. Tandem Tricycles one class only. Veterans’ Records   will be recognised as per Racing Rule 5. Where a record is broken in another Club’s   club event proof will be required, see claim form.  Where no gender is shown, these records are   open to all, except for age restrictions.    All Club Record claims must be made on the claim form from the Race   Secretary or from the Club Web Site, and should be made within 28 days and   must be investigated and ratified by the Committee before being included in   the Club Handbook and on the Club Web Site. The only records, other than Club   Records, that shall be recognised and recorded in the Club Handbook and on   the Club Web Site, should   be those achieved by members in cycling associations to which the Club is   directly affiliated.


9.  The Club Track   Championships shall be decided on a points basis at a single track meeting   organised for this purpose. The ladies Championship to be incorporated with   the Juniors. Points to be allocated shall be 3,2,1 for the first three of   each of the following events:

The Junior Championship    200 metres time trial / Four lap pursuit / One lap scratch / Seven lap   points race

The Senior Championship    1 km time trial / Elimination Race / Nine lap pursuit

15 lap points race, with points 3, 2, 1   every 3 laps and double points for the last lap.

Track Records are recognised at various distances both   outdoor and indoor, both athletes and aero, see Club Records and Track Record   Claim Form from the Race Secretary or from the Club Web Site, distances may   be added with permission of the Committee.

10.  The Road Race Championship will be awarded to the rider   gaining the most number of points in Open Scratch or Handicapped Road or Circuit Races on   the same basis as the BC points system. All claimants must supply full   details of the event and number of points gained for each race submitted. For   points scoring system see current BC handbook.

11.  A novice is a rider in his first year of racing and   records the fastest novices time in a 25 mile time trial.

12.  A Juvenile is one who has not attained the age of sixteen   on the day of the race.

A Junior is from his   sixteenth birthday and until 31st December of the year in which his 18th   birthday occurs.

A Senior is one who passed his 18th birthday before the   1st January but under forty on the day of the event.

A Veteran is one who is forty years of age or over.

13.  Only events held on or before 31st October to count for   Club awards.

14.  All claims for Club awards to be notified to the Racing   Secretary within 14 days of the above date. Details of Private Time Trials in   other Club’s Promotions should be made on the appropriate form available from   the Racing Secretary or from the Club Web   Site.

15.  All the Club trophies shall be perpetual.                         

Club  Event    Awards


The Scale of awards for Club Events shall be as follows:

Club Events (not including the Evening ‘10’ Series, see   Racing Rule 6) 

Up to Ten entries               – 1st Place and 1st Handicap

Up to Twenty entries        – 1st and 2nd place and 1st and second handicap

Over Twenty entries          – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and 1st, 2nd and 3rd handicap

All Events:

Award to the Fastest Veteran on Standard (VTTA scales).         

Award to the Fastest Lady.  

The Hill Climb shall be a Scratch Event only.

These awards are for Club Members only.


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