Autumn Cup 25 mile Time Trial
Sunday 11th October

Wouter Sybrandy has had an excellent 2009 season with five good quality road race victories including the Premier Calendar East Yorkshire Classic. Although Wouter rode these races in the colours of the Sigma Sport team, his sponsors, he still retains second claim membership of the Hounslow, his first club. This loyalty is not just a paper formality, as other members found to their cost last Sunday.

Wouter Sybrandy

In a vivid demonstration of how to time trial on a difficult course in tough conditions Sybrandy flashed past most of the rest of the field so quickly that it seemed he was engaged in some different form of activity altogether. We believe his time of 54 minutes 42 seconds to be a West of Windsor course record.

By an odd coincidence Wouter caught club president Jeff Marshall on the finish line, which means they ended last Sunday in the same positions they will start next week when Wouter is booked to pace Jeff in the classic Redmon Gentleman's Grand Prix. This event is a two up time trial where veterans are paced by faster, younger riders, the result being decided on veterans' age standard. Since Jeff is an outstandingly rapid 68 year old, paced by an on form national level rider they must be in with a chance of victory.

Jill Bartlett took the woman's prize, Antonio Ambrosino won the Handicap prize, and Jeff Marshall won the Vets' standard.

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Chris Lovibond