Rob Gilmour

A Footnote to Time Trialling in 2009
Tuesday 12th January

Rob Gilmour scored a notable success by winning the London & Home Counties Group Veteran Time Trial Association age standard Best All Rounder competition for the second year in succession. Paul Holdsworth took the third place and was fastest in terms of absolute speed, but in the esoteric world of veterans' time trialling it is Gilmour's age standard win that carries the prestige.

Rob said that all his best rides (those shown in the result table below) were done in his final attempt at the distance for the season, so this should give him incentive to carry on in 2010.

London and Home Counties Placings 2009

 Distance (miles)MPH plus
NameClubAge102550100over age std.
1.Rob GilmourHounslow & Dist.5821:0855:591:55:244:05:497.0691
2.Peter CockbainSouth Bucks RC6822:4559:432:10:394:17:476.4638
3.Paul HoldsworthHounslow & Dist.4521:2454:111:48:563:48:396.0549
4.Simon GreenlandMaidenhead CC5621:4456:262:00:154:15:016.0412
5.Graham WeeksHillingdon CC5120:5253:501:58:274:32:385.5727
6.Geoff PerryTeam MK4923:0555:581:57:044:22:344.6497
Paul Holdsworth

Paul Holdsworth finished with a creditable 12th place in the national British Best All Rounder. This was the 18th consecutive year he has completed the necessary distances to qualify (50 miles 100 miles and 12 Hours.) He has figured in the top 12 places ten times, the highest position he has achieved was 5th in 2007.

Paul is contemplating new challenges for 2010. “After so many years there is little to be gained from more experience, while there is always the danger that staleness may set in. All the same, I'm still just as enthusiastic about riding my bike.” he said.

To ride shorter distances in the hope of concentrating on an improvement in speed would be a possible way to go, but an alternative may be to attempt one or more place-to-place records. Most of the records recognized by the Road Records Association are now very hard to beat since not only are the standards already very high (e.g. London - York, 198 miles, 7 hours 29 minutes 45 seconds), but also because the modernisation of roads has created difficulties for the record seeking place-to-place man. However, for a well seasoned BBAR rider whose favourite training technique is covering big mileages these records could prove to be a natural home.

British Best All Rounder Result 2009

1.Nik BowdlerFarnborough & Camberley CC1:40:013:37:08287.8927.206
2.Andrew WilkinsonPort Sunlight Whs1:42:293:42:00302.4627.168
3.Barry CharltonLyme Racing Club1:43:303:38:23281.6126.643
4.Julian JenkinsonUTAG Yamaha.com1:44:453:37:25282.8126.601
5.Sean ChildsRN & RM CA1:44:423:37:18277.4226.461
6.Joel WainmanTeam Swift-Allsports1:42:573:42:28276.4226.382
7.Andy BasonWrekinsport CC1:47:503:38:06283.7826.326
8.Carl RuebothamTeam Swift-Allsports1:45:293:44:23285.0826.312
9.Andy JacksonPedalsport1:46:183:45:41275.3025.917
10.Neil SkellernCongleton CC1:44:073:49:32272.3325.883
11.Colin ParkinsonSouth Western Road Club1:48:043:46:20276.5025.771
12.Paul HoldsworthHounslow & District Whs1:45:273:48:39270.8725.754
13.Lee BarkStowmarket & District CC1:45:293:43:56262.3325.698
14.Garry DrewRN & RM CA1:45:333:50:03268.1325.616
15.Aran StantonVC St Raphael1:44:233:49:21260.7025.542

Chris Lovibond