Autumn Cup 25 mile Time Trial
Sunday 26th September

Wouter Sybrandy may be the only cyclist who thinks of the Tour of Britain as “good preparation for the club 25”, but when I spoke to him after last Sunday's Autumn Club 25 he attributed his stunning 53 minute 45 second ride to his experience in the Tour. This time is a course and event record.

Neil FerrellyRace organiser Neil Ferrelly

In spite of his successes in prestigious road races, Wouter still has a soft spot for the humble club time trial. Since starting as a novice in 2006 he has competed in eight Hounslow club 25s, and these rides have given him one fourth place, one second and six victories. In this time he has gone from “promising” to another planet.

In second place with 57.45 was Nic Stagg. This ride would have shone brilliantly had it not been rather overshadowed by the winner's time. Fifty seven minute rides have been done on this sporting course in the past but they are rare, especially on blustery days in late September. Nic does not have the luxury of being a full time bike rider and had only finished a shift at one a.m. that morning.

First handicap went to Simon Wroxley with a promising (actual) time of 1.6.59. We are sure Simon is capable of further improvement. Jeff Marshall's 1.3.52 gave him the veterans' standard award - it's noteworthy that this also gave him second place in the handicap section, which is unusual for a rider of his seniority.

The event attracted nineteen Hounslow members and 9 riders from other clubs. Wouter Sybrandy is a second claim Hounslow member - he rides as a professional for Sigma Sport.

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Chris Lovibond