Good Friday 25 mile Time Trial
Friday 22nd April

It is often all too easy to predict the winner of a club time trial, but this one was hotly contested to the last yard, with the contenders finally separated by a mere eight seconds - exactly the same as Lemond’s famous victory over Fignon in the 1989 Tour de France.

Nic Stagg

Race winner Nic Stagg

Here the two combatants were Paul Holdsworth, many times club champion but notably a long distance specialist who barely gets into his stride in 25 miles, and Nic Stagg who since last season has shown himself to be the club’s fastest short distance time triallist, and therefore clearly the favourite on Friday morning.

Paul Holdsworth

Runner-up Paul Holdsworth

Holdsworth started just five minutes before Stagg and there was a slight frisson of worry among Paul’s supporters that he might actually be caught. However it was soon evident that this was never going to happen, the spectators noticing that there was almost nothing to choose between them. With ten miles to go at the start of the final lap Stagg had a 20 second advantage, but from there to the finish the balance started to alter with Holdsworth’s legendary stamina beginning to show. The finish times were: Stagg 57 minutes 30 seconds, Holdsworth 57.38. Fast for the undulating West of Windsor course and promising a highly competitive season to come.

The event, which was efficiently organised by Graham Davis, attracted a full field of forty riders (25 Hounslow members, plus 15 ‘private’ time trials by members of other clubs) - only a few years ago these races sometimes had a mere half dozen entrants.

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Chris Lovibond