Hounslow & District Open 25
Tuesday 20th September

The Hounslow always tries to win its own open promotions, although in recent years the successes have not been quite as frequent as they were in the past. Last Sunday’s 25 saw the club back to its old ways with Nic Stagg carrying off the overall victory and leading the club to a team win with Rob Gilmour and Damian Poulter as the supporting counters.

Nic Stagg

Event winner Nic Stagg

It is clear that Nic pulled out something special on Sunday since his qualifying time was three minutes slower than the fastest man on the start sheet, Paul Mill of Team Edwardes-Elite Cycling who finished second. ‘I’d felt a bit sluggish during the week, but this morning I felt good all the way round’ he said after the result had been announced. However before the result was known there was tension, and although club members who had been marshalling assured him that he had had a small lead all the way round, Nic had to force himself to go to look at the result board when the times were put up. He came back crestfallen - ‘He’s done me by five seconds.’ His supporters found this hard to believe and went to check.

“No, Nic - you didn’t read it properly, you’ve done 54.45, he’s done 55.40, you’ve got it by 55 seconds.”

The Ladies prize went to Rachael Przybykski (Charlotteville), who improved her personal best by almost three minutes. This was only the third time trial she has ridden this year since her main interest is road racing, and she has already won the 2011 Crystal Palace Ladies Circuit League. This is another example of the maxim that to do well in time trials, you should ride road races.

The event was held on the Farnham-Alton course and attracted 80 entrants. It was efficiently organised by Bruce McMichael.

Chris Lovibond