Time Trialling Report
Tuesday 5th July

A3 Cycle Racing Group 25 (27th June)

Jo Wells improved her own Ladies Veterans club record by recording 1 hour 1 minute 15 seconds. The course used for this Monday evening event began at Hillbrow with its tricky descent away from the start and although most cyclists enjoy fast descents, Jo is an exception.

Paul Holdsworth took 20th place overall with the fast time of 54.05 and Jill Bartlett recorded a personal best with 1.2.34.

The event was won by Stephen Whitewick (UTAG Yamaha) in 49.32.

Whitewebbs CC 10 (2nd July)

Another club veterans’ record fell in this event with Nic Stagg doing 20min 08 seconds: a new 10 mile record (and a new personal best) . This gave him 12th place overall in the event which was won by Nick Dwyer (Lewes Wanderers CC) who recorded 19.19.

Jo Wells (Hounslow) also rode and finished in 23.43.

National 24 Hour Championship (25th/26th June)

As mentioned last week, Rob Richardson, a second claim Hounslow and District member, rode the 24 Hour Championship in East Sussex last weekend, but because of the complexities of judging the distances ridden accurate figures were not available until mid week, causing the report to be delayed until now.

Rob did 455.67 miles which gave him sixth place. This will seem a superhuman effort to us ordinary mortals, but the result left Rob feeling a little disappointed. He last rode this event in 1998 and was credited with 459 miles which gave him the bronze medal in the championship.

Let us leave aside the thought that being twelve years older might be a disadvantage (Rob is now 48) and he himself does not believe this to be a problem “Yes, I’m not as fast as I was at the shorter distances, but I’m psychologically tougher than I was 13 years ago, and I think I was better prepared this time”

In fact Rob’s ride should be seen as a great performance, if only because the

Sussex course used this year was hillier and therefore harder than the ’98 course. To add to the problems one of the hardest climbs was at Wartlington on the finishing circuit and had to be tackled by riders at the very end of their reserves of stamina.

Rob certainly got everything out that he could. He stopped for a sit down feed just after 9am (about 4 hours still to go) and looked exhausted, but after 10 minutes he was back on his bike, hammering along, showing no external signs that he’d already been riding for 20 hours. That was how he looked from the roadside, but he was suffering - among other things his feet had become painful (quite a common problem at this distance, apparently) “my left foot felt as though it was swelling out of its shoe”. At the finish it was hard to tell whether he was unconsciousÉ..or just asleep.

It seems clear that because of the hilly nature of the course this was at least as good a ride as his ’98 effort, if not better. No one who had seen both events would doubt it.

Which brings us to the champion and silver medallist. John Warnock (Twickenham CC), the defending champion, did a great ride and finished with 517.64 miles, which would normally have carried the day, but was overshadowed by the phenomenal Andy Wilkinson (Port Sunlight Wheelers).

Wilco started the event as the competition record holder (525 miles) who had twice been champion in the past (’92 and ’97). He did 541.17 miles which gave him the championship and the competition record - quite possibly for ever.

“I’d heard some one had his eye on my record, and I thought I’d put it out of his reach.”

Chris Lovibond