Results of the Autumn Cup 25 held on 17th September 2006

Pos.RiderTimeH'Cap Time
1.W. Sybrandy59:2058:50
2.R. Gilmour1:00:041:00:04
3.P. Innes1:01:341:01:04
4.M. Silver1:03:331:01:33
5.B. Skinner1:04:321:02:32
6.J. Wells (W)1:06:5658:26
7.D. Messem1:10:33
8.D. Brown1:11:3557:35
9.D. George1:12:0559:05
10.J. Bartlett (W)1:14:341:03:34
11.N. Ferrelly1:14:46
12.B. Hales1:16:391:01:39
13.N. Howson1:18:461:02:46
14.M. Brown1:26:21
TandemP. Holdsworth / A. Gillies55:32
PrivateD. French1:08:13
PrivateR. Callum1:10:18
PrivateR. French1:13:04
PrivateS. Holroyd1:14:09
PrivateM. Brewer1:14:46
PrivateC. Adams (W)1:16:28
DNFA. Ambrosino
DNFW. Ayley-Dodd
DNFT. MacDonald
DNSG. Brook
DNSM. Hutt
DNSB. McMichael
DNSP. Sprake

1st Lady

J. Wells,1:06:56

1st on Handicap

D. Brown,57:35

1st on Standard

R. Gilmour,+13:45