Results of the Midsummer Cup 25 held on 24th June 2007

Pos.RiderTimeH'Cap Time
1.W. Sybrandy57:0957:09
2.R. Gilmour1:02:1559:15
3.B. Skinner1:03:2557:25
4.J. Wells (W)1:10:061:00:36
5.C. Lovibond1:10:3258:32
6.D. George1:12:2056:20
7.S. Wroxley1:15:2257:22
8.J. Bartlett (W)1:15:451:00:45
9.N. Howson1:16:1059:40
10.N. Ferrelly1:16:3358:33
11.B. McMichael1:18:351:05:35
12.M. Brown1:21:491:00:49
PrivateP. Stretch1:06:54
PrivateR. Callum1:12:45
PrivateA. Small1:17:04
DNFM. Pateman
DNSD. Brown
DNSG. Davis
DNSA. Gillies
DNSS. Graham
DNSN. Holdsworth
DNSP. Innes
DNSG. Mealing
DNSJ. Querstret
DNSM. Silver
DNSA. Wilson (W)
DNSP. Young

1st Lady

J. Wells,1:10:06

1st on Handicap

D. George,56:20

1st on Standard

R. Gilmour,+11:34