Results of the Autumn Cup 25 held on 12th October 2008

Pos.RiderTimeH'Cap Time
1.R. Gilmour1:01:0259:32
2.W. Sybrandy1:02:221:05:22
3.M. Silver1:03:1159:11
4.J. Marshall1:03:4056:40
5.P. Innes1:04:0059:00
6.D. George1:04:2259:22
7.B. Skinner1:06:25
8.G. Kitchen1:08:1855:18
9.N. Holdsworth1:08:2458:24
10.J. Bartlett (W)1:10:0655:06
11.S. Wroxley1:10:4556:45
12.N. Ferrelly1:15:0559:05
13.B. McMichael1:16:151:02:15
14.M. Brown1:17:1957:19
15.R. Birt1:19:1955:19
16.M. Sewell1:20:21
17.N. Howson1:28:191:09:19
18.T. Duffell1:32:07
PrivateD. French1:03:12
PrivateP. Mellan1:04:12
PrivateS. Glasgow1:07:33
PrivateM. Ayres (W)1:09:17
PrivateC. Morgan1:09:59
PrivateG. Beamiss1:10:31
PrivateR. Callum1:15:20
PrivateR. French1:20:17
PrivateG. Fogg1:20:44
PrivateF. Jacques1:26:39
DNSS. Graham
DNSP. Holdsworth
DNSJ. Wells (W)

1st Lady

J. Bartlett,1:10:06

1st on Handicap

J. Bartlett,55:06

1st on Standard

J. Marshall,+17:01