Results of the Good Friday 25 held on 21st March 2008

Pos.RiderTimeH'Cap Time
1.W. Sybrandy58:1458:14
2.M. Hutt1:00:3857:38
3.R. Gilmour1:02:0158:01
4.B. Skinner1:03:5056:50
5.P. Innes1:04:5758:57
6.P. Holdsworth1:06:12
7.J. Marshall1:07:3959:09
8.S. Hickman1:08:33
9.A. Gillies1:10:0158:01
10.N. Beard1:10:34
11.M. Chapell1:11:14
12.D. George1:13:461:00:16
13.S. Graham1:14:1859:18
14.C. Lovibond1:16:101:01:40
15.N. Ferrelly1:16:461:00:46
16.N. Holdsworth1:16:551:01:55
17.B. McMichael1:17:181:02:18
18.J. Wells (W)1:18:521:06:22
19.M. Brown1:19:5755:27
20.J. Bartlett (W)1:20:021:04:02
21.S. Wroxley1:20:321:05:32
22.N. Howson1:31:481:11:48
PrivateM. Williamson59:08
PrivateP. Callinan59:59
PrivateG. Powdrill1:01:56
PrivateM. Sedgwick1:04:31
PrivateM. Pateman1:05:57
PrivateG. Crane1:06:11
PrivateJ. Sedgwick1:07:23
PrivateD. French1:09:47
PrivateT. Flynn1:09:51
PrivateM. Ansley-Watson1:10:41
PrivateD. Johnston1:10:43
PrivateG. Kitchen1:16:28
PrivateS. Greenland1:18:02
PrivateM. Gallop1:23:48
PrivateR. French1:24:53
PrivateD. Cockerton1:25:21
PrivateF. Jacques1:40:07
DNFD. Brown

1st Lady

J. Wells,1:18:52

1st on Handicap

M. Brown,55:27

1st on Standard

J. Marshall,+12:26