Results of the Club 10 held on 20th August 2009

1.W. SybrandyHounslow22:05
2.J. BrownPrivate23:49
3.D. BrownHounslow23:50
4.P. HoldsworthHounslow24:13
5.J. HeasmanPrivate24:58
6.B. UnsworthPrivate25:10
7.P. StewartPrivate25:46
8.R. GilmourHounslow25:50
9.D. FrenchWeybridge26:24
10.D. GeorgeHounslow26:36
11.S. WroxleyHounslow27:02
12.H. WebbPrivate27:44
13.N. HoldsworthHounslow27:48
14.R. CallumWeybridge28:46
15.N. FerrellyHounslow29:33
16.B. FrenchWeybridge29:55
17.L. West (W)Twickenham30:55
18.R. LindsayHounslow31:23
19.F. JacquesWeybridge31:50
20.S. LindsayPrivate35:07
2-UpT. Reid (W) / P. StowTwickenham27:27