Results of the Club 10 held on 23rd April 2009

1=R. StannardPrivate24:30
1=W. SybrandyHounslow24:30
3.C. Blackman (W)Private24:41
4.A. McMathPrivate25:37
5.P. InnesHounslow25:45
6.P. DickasonPrivate26:21
7.M. BixleyPrivate26:27
8.G. BowellPrivate26:28
9.J. DodwellPrivate26:29
10.B. SkinnerHounslow26:57
11=R. ArcherTwickenham27:17
11=S. StowPrivate27:17
13.R. GilmourHounslow27:31
14.D. FrenchWeybridge27:52
15.S. WroxleyHounslow28:24
16.R. LindsayHounslow29:08
17.R. WatsonPrivate29:44
18.N. FerrellyHounslow30:13
19.L. McKee (W)Private30:43
20.R. FrenchWeybridge31:50
21.P. Howe (W)Hounslow34:08
22.S. LindsayPrivate36:43
2-upA. Schroeder / B. SchroederPrivate32:27