There was no one capable of challenging Paul Holdsworth who rode powerfully to win the event by almost two minutes from runner up Rob Gilmour.

The outstanding ride of the day came from twenty year old David Brown who took the handicap prize and fourth place overall. His time of 1.3.28. was a personal best on the day, but it is not in the natural order of things for any rider's p.b. to be on the tough West of Windsor course and he improved again on Bank Holiday Monday in a Newbury R.C. event on the Bath Road to 1.0.31.

David, who lives in Staines, is in the second year of a Sports Science degree at Nottingham Trent University, and is clearly on an upward trajectory in his chosen sport. (Report by Chris Lovibond)

Results of the Good Friday 25 held on 10th April 2009

Pos.RiderTimeH'Cap Time
1.P. Holdsworth59:2959:29
2.R. Gilmour1:01:1059:10
3.B. Skinner1:03:0456:34
4.D. Brown1:03:2853:28
5.M. Silver1:04:1559:15
6.D. George1:05:361:00:06
7.P. Innes1:05:571:00:27
8.G. Kitchen1:08:4057:40
9.N. Holdsworth1:09:1658:16
10.S. Wroxley1:10:1658:16
11.J. Bartlett (W)1:11:0957:39
12.J. Querstret1:12:4057:40
13.J. Wells (W)1:13:221:00:22
14.D. Messem1:13:24
15.N. Ferrelly1:14:0158:01
16.M. Brown1:19:1158:11
17.P. Howe (W)1:28:091:02:09
18.A. Ambrosino1:28:2159:21
19.J. Fox (W)1:40:101:09:10
PrivateD. Tisdell1:09:04
PrivateA. Anderson1:13:44
PrivateS. Jarvis1:14:17
PrivateD. French1:16:16
PrivateC. Morgan1:16:26
PrivateL. Bradshaw (W)1:25:22
PrivateF. Jacques1:27:06
DNFR. French
DNFB. McMichael
DNST. Duffell
DNST. Flynn
DNSG. Fogg
DNSA. Gillies
DNSC. Lovibond
DNSJ. Marshall
DNSG. Mealing
DNSD. Speight

1st Lady

J. Bartlett,1:11:09

1st on Handicap

D. Brown,53:28

1st on Standard

R. Gilmour,+13:45