Results of the Spring Road Race held on 29th March 2009

Race report

1.Gary DoddSigma Sport3hrs 29min 05sec
2.Yanto BarkerLe Col Colnagos.t.
3.Alex HighamWindymillas.t.
4.Lee SmithAgisko Viners.t.
5.Steve SaundersKingston Whss.t.
6.Mark PerrySports Beans-Wiliers.t.
7.Colin RoshierTeam Quests.t.
8.Grant BaytonSports Beans-Wiliers.t.
9.Simon LawnSigma Sport@ 1min 02sec
10.David CreegganV.C. Meudons.t.
11.James Holland-LeaderAgisko Viners.t.
12.Justin HoyFelt R.T.s.t.
13.Julian BrayDulwich Paragons.t.
14.Vince DevineFinchley R.T.s.t.
15.Ben LuckwellSports Beans-Wilier
16.Stehen SaundersA.P.I.
17.Henry FurnissWindymilla
18.Josh GosselinGuernsey Velo
19.Paul ElcockReading CC
20.Richard HoultLondon Dynamo

Prime winners

Mark Perry, Sports Beans-Wilier

Grant Bayton, Sports Beans-Wilier

Ben Luckwell, Sports Beans-Wilier