Results of the Club 10 held on 5th August 2010

1.W. SybrandyHounslow22:05
2.I. HoltPrivate23:58
3.M. YeomanPrivate24:07
4.A. BlackiePrivate25:07
5.M. SilverHounslow25:36
6.D. FrenchPrivate26:00
7.P. KelseyPrivate26:08
8.D. GunnPrivate26:10
9.S. StowHounslow26:20
10.J. BarnardPrivate26:22
11.H. WebbPrivate26:42
12.N. HoldsworthHounslow27:16
13.J. Wells (W)Hounslow27:21
14.N. GormanPrivate27:33
15.S. WroxleyHounslow27:36
16=R. LindsayPrivate27:55
16=A. PucciPrivate27:55
18.R. MuirPrivate28:09
19.J. Bartlett (W)Hounslow28:11
20.D. DonavanPrivate28:28
21.P. HoweHounslow33:59