Results of the Club 10 held on 29th April 2010

1.P. SykesPrivate22:26
2.J. HeasmanPrivate25:12
3.R. TownsendPrivate26:19
4.A. HuishPrivate26:30
5.R. GilmourHounslow26:39
6.E. Davis (W)Private27:10
7.H. WoddasPrivate27:56
8.M. HollywoodPrivate28:11
9.I. PucciPrivate28:39
10.L. Pinches (W)Private28:41
11.F. BaxterPrivate28:42
12.B. McMichaelHounslow28:51
13.C. EvePrivate28:59
14.M. GlaisterPrivate29:11
15.K. ThackrayHounslow30:01
16.T. WroxleyHounslow30:11
17.R. LindsayPrivate30:44
18.M. WattsPrivate31:04
19.F. JacquesWeybridge32:37
20.A. PucciPrivate32:51
21.L. West (W)Twickenham33:53
2-upG. Kitchen / T. IvesHounslow / Private27:07
2-upA. Ambrosino / P. HoweHounslow33:46