Results of the Autumn Cup 25 held on 25th September 2011

Race report

Pos.RiderTimeH'Cap Time
1.W. Sybrandy55:31
2.N. Stagg56:5656:56
3.P. Holdsworth57:4756:47
4.R. Gilmour1:02:0657:36
5.B. Skinner1:04:4856:48
6.M. Silver1:06:0458:04
7.D. George1:07:0257:02
8.A. Caldwell1:10:3756:37
9.N. Holdsworth1:11:1458:14
10.J. Bartlett (W)1:11:3859:38
11.S. Wroxley1:13:141:03:14
12.C. Lovibond1:13:1957:19
13.J. Wells (W)1:13:271:02:27
14.N. Ferrelly1:16:2759:27
15.I. Chipman1:23:221:06:22
16.N. Howson1:37:041:13:04
PrivateA. Forth59:45
PrivateD. Larkin1:02:37
PrivateM. Deevey1:05:25
PrivateM. Joseph1:07:57
PrivateM. Ayres (W)1:09:23
PrivateT. Jenson1:10:36
PrivateP. Franks1:13:18
DNSB. McMichael
DNSC. Morrison
DNSA. Reynolds

1st Lady

J. Bartlett,1:11:38

1st on Handicap

A. Caldwell,56:37

1st on Standard

R. Gilmour,+14:31