Results of the Good Friday 25 held on 22nd April 2011

Race report

Pos.RiderTimeH'Cap Time
1.N. Stagg57:3057:30
2.P. Holdsworth57:3855:38
3.R. Gilmour59:1354:43
4.B. Skinner1:01:3255:32
5.R. Sewell1:02:5557:25
6.M. Silver1:04:4158:11
7.D. George1:05:4758:47
8.S. Wroxley1:05:5054:50
9.T. Cosstick1:06:3755:37
10.M. Lorenzi1:06:5954:59
11.S. Greenwood1:07:0658:06
12.M. Luke1:07:2054:20
13.J. Wells (W)1:08:2955:29
14.N. Holdsworth1:08:3858:38
15.B. McMichael1:09:0953:09
16.J. Bartlett (W)1:10:0455:04
17.H. Funch1:10:5157:51
18.D. Messem1:12:301:00:30
19.S. George1:14:0458:04
20.A. Reynolds1:14:19
21.N. Ferrelly1:15:4258:42
PrivateP. Smith59:02
PrivateC. Taylor59:59
PrivateG. Woodford1:01:18
PrivateD. Frank1:02:27
PrivateD. French1:04:22
PrivateA. Titley1:05:42
PrivateR. Swallow1:06:27
PrivateT. Goddard (W)1:07:37
PrivateH. Van1:08:04
PrivateR. Lindsay1:10:38
PrivateG. Foley (W)1:19:57
PrivateF. Jaques1:23:19
PrivateB. French1:27:20
DNSP. Gray
DNSJ. McMichael
DNST. Seddon
DNSG. Shaw
DNSJ. Shell
DNSP. Smith

1st Lady

J. Wells,1:08:29

1st on Handicap

B. McMichael,53:09