Results of the Midsummer Cup 25 held on 26th June 2011

Race report

1.P. Holdsworth56:43
2.N. Stagg58:06
3.R. Gilmour1:00:03
4.M. Luke1:06:06
5.G. Kitchen1:06:11
6.P. Buckley1:07:45
7.J. Marshall1:08:06
8.S. Wroxley1:08:26
9.J. Wells (W)1:08:52
10.N. Holdsworth1:09:35
11.S. Greenwood1:10:00
12.A. Caldwell1:11:49
13.J. Bartlett (W)1:11:54
14.M. Readett1:12:16
15.G. Shaw1:12:52
16.N. Ferrelly1:13:39
17.I. Chipman1:14:20
PrivateP. Williams59:33
PrivateA. Forth1:00:37
PrivateD. French1:05:50
PrivateK. Forth (W)1:09:11
PrivateW. Blaxstone1:10:50
DNFM. Deevy
DNFR. Engers
DNSA. Butler
DNSP. Innes
DNSF. Jacques

1st Lady

J. Wells,1:08:52